I along with all the Twi-hards of the world have often wondered if vampires are real or if its all just hocus pocus for the big screen. Vampires have for a long time been romanticized by movies and books alike. I remember a couple of years ago I decided I was going to surf the web for the answers because we all know…the internet knows all the answers…right?!? The internet led me to a website which then led me to a forum (that will not be named due to copyright laws) that babbled and carried on about how their forum was THE forum that had all the right answers about anything vampire/occult related. So for research sake I created a false login (which was required to post in the forum) to post an “ad” to seek out a “real” vampire. The first of these ads I sent out stated that I wanted to be “turned”…(later I found out that apparently it is a “no no” to asked to be turned)… but I stated that I wanted to be “turned” and to email me if you were in fact a “real” vampire…a couple of weeks later having completely forgot I even did this, I received an email from a man that stated he was indeed a real vampire. I respectively started to ask him questions about his life (considering he had made the statement that he had lived a long time) and the era he grew up in. He stated he lived on a cotton plantation in North Carolina and was about 300 years old, he gave me names of his sisters, brothers, and parents. Of course me being the nosy and curious person I am, decided to research his “facts” about his life. I came up with nada. Time went past and all was forgotten…until today. I decided to once again find a forum promising me all the answers and giving off the impression that they knew all about the topics of vampirism and occultism, and was once again disappointed. This time I created a false login ( once again required to post anything ) and I simply asked for a “real” vampire to have a conversations with…this post was created today…a couple of hours go by with no response and then I get a response from a person, who pretty much in a “smartass” way tells me that their “community” is a secretive and mysterious group and that they don’t trust “strangers” so he/she highly doubts ill get any replies…(at this point I am strongly believing I may have inadvertently joined a cult). I did in fact respond with a very nice, ” I appreciate your opinion.” and pretty ignored the rest. I then read some of the other posts that people wrote and some of them were rather sad. Some of the people were honestly just curious people and some were young people just wanting answers. All of which were lambs to the slaughter in this forum full of arrogant people. Note to the Wise… sometimes to find the answers its better just to find them yourself, some people love to act like they know everything and will put you down in a second to do it. I am still a very curious and persistent person, so I will be waiting for more responses on this forum. Hopefully I will not be kicked from this forum by an admin or sacrificed in a cult…but after all knowledge is power.

XoXo SeveredKnowledge

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