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So to update you with my Vampirism research, the forum is a complete joke. In a matter of TWO days this forum (that shall remain nameless) has convinced me that it was just useless as far as information goes. See I’m not interested in the Vampire “culture” I am interested in the actual myths that surround the tales of vampires and the psychological studies of vampirism. Lets move past this whole “forum” business and move on to REAL information.

I was reading an article on the website, from author, Katherine Ramsland Ph.D. I was interested in a lot of her article actually. I am a bit of a psychology nerd and LOVE the study of abnormal psychology. Ramsland’s article, “Vampire Personality Disorder” mentions her first meeting with psychologist Richard Noll and how they jokingly made up “Renfield’s Syndrome”, For those who do not know who Renfield is, he is the poor helper of Dracula in Bram Stoker’s, Dracula. Having jokingly made up Renfield’s Syndrome they also hypothesized how someone would come to believe they were a vampire.

Vampirism is highly concentrated on one thing…blood. The thought that consuming blood gives you powers, life, an essence that you were missing to begin with. Ramsland and Noll, stated that it had to stem from an experience that you’ve had that somehow connected the experience of sexual excitement and blood together in your psyche. When we are young we are very impressionable and very “moldable”.

Now keep in mind that this conversation going on between both Ramsland and Noll was all happening in jest…this was not a studied or scientific experiment rather just a conversation between colleagues. They also mentioned that with “Renfield’s Syndrome”, it would begin with the early childhood experience which created a sexual link to blood and then later turns into a ingestion of one’s own blood which develops into the ingestion or drinking of other’s blood or animal blood of some kind.

Within this article, Ramsland does state that “Clinical Vampirism” does actually exist, but not in the “Twilight” or “Nosferatu” type of way. She describes that there have been multiple cases of individuals with the “delusional notion” that they are in fact vampires and have to have blood to survive or to give the consumer powers. With these cases the connection with blood is always an erotic one.

Ramsland also jokes about her vampiric condition she named, “Vampire Personailty Disorder” or “VPD” for short. This disorder includes clinical vampires but also killers who act out their blood-crazed fantasies at the cost of hurting others. She also mentions Psychological Vampires, those people in our lives that “leech” off of us or use us.

I don’t know about you but I think Ramsland is onto something! Although Ramsland’s, Vampire Personailty Disorder has not became as famous as Noll’s, Renfield’s Syndrome…I do believe that this topic is fascinating.

XoXo Severed Knowledge


Ramsland, K., Ph.D. (2012, November 21). Vampire Personality Disorder. Retrieved August 17, 2017, from


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