Hello Beautiful and Knowledge-Thirsty People!

My name is SeveredKnowledge…no really…it is.

I am just like you! I am a normal everyday person that hates my job but does it anyway because money rules us all. (right?!)

My passion…you guessed it!! Writing! I love to write…about pretty much everything.

I have always been a “Ignorance is bliss” type of a person especially with the news and pretty much anything government related…”corruption at it’s finest”.

But I love learning…and I love when people help teach each other and share information with each other to learn. This website is my personal project and my professional portfolio. I will literally talk about everything on this website. And suggestions, comments, opinions, criticisms, are ALWAYS accepted. Why?? Because I want to be able to learn from what you have to say…and to me…what you have to say matters.

XoXo Severed Knowledge